Kajsa Humphreys- Personal Trainer

About Me

I’m a Swaussie, a Swedish Aussie, a certified health and fitness coach, a mum of two, a lover of food, life, exercise and sunshine. I grew up in Stockholm and arrived in Sydney as a 20 year old looking for sunshine, beaches and adventure. I was meant to stay for a year but 20 years later I’m still here. A few years ago I was neglecting myself and my health as a corporate, full time working mum. As a result I was constantly feeling stressed and finding it hard to switch off and focus, getting every cold and bug the kids dragged in through the door, feeling bloated and sluggish with the baby weight refusing to budge and really lacking in energy. I decided that I needed to change and through exercise, nutrition and self care I turned my life around to one full of energy, self love and happiness. I also found my calling in life, to help others be and feel the best they can. I now help busy people get fitter and healthier as a health and fitness coach.

Fitness Journey

I’ve always loved sports and exercise and spent my youth playing soccer and basketball and fell into the 90s aerobics craze that took me through my teenage years and early 20s. I proceeded to boxing and circuit classes. A few years ago I fell in love with the barbell and strength training, an area of the gym I had once been petrified of and only thought belonged to muscle building guys. However, after getting fitter and more toned that I had in my life in my late 30s I was hooked. Nowadays I love a combination of CrossFit, boxing, strength training, olympic lifting, pilates and yoga. I love to mix my training up to keep it fun, challenging, interesting and to keep my body guessing.

What I Teach

I believe in finding a balance in body, mind and life. Training for me is a lifestyle that provides me with essential energy and happiness. I believe that when we feel strong, flexible and energetic it gives us a feeling of freedom, a feeling I’m passionate about sharing with others. I skip trendy diets and quick fixes and instead focus on the complete lifestyle where exercise and nutrition are an essential part but not everything. My personal training style focuses on you, the individual client to make sure that you are not just sweating but also having fun and achieving your personal goals whether they be weight loss, strength based or to increase energy. I provide a training style based on functional fitness that will help you get stronger for everyday life. My sessions will push you to get fitter, more toned and stronger than you have in years. The workouts are varied, high intensity, fun and results driven. I combine strength and conditioning by mixing traditional body weight exercises with Kettlebells, Dumbbells and the Barbell, a few sprints and rows and little surprises along the way. I push you to achieve your health and fitness goals in an encouraging, inspiring manner in order for you to be and feel the best you can.

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