Kristie- Spin Instructor

About Me

Originally from Boston, I’m a qualified veterinarian and spend my days seeing patients at Potts Point Veterinary Clinic ( I earned my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Tufts University in 2014. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Sydney with my partner and it was here (in my limited spare time) that I became a certified spin instructor.

Fitness Journey

I have always loved taking fitness classes; from yoga to barre to running clubs to boot camps I gain a strong motivation from working out with others. I feed off of other people’s energy and that’s what keeps me going! I love the intensity of a spin class but also the calming and rejuvenation of a slow yoga class. I originally turned to indoor cycling to help cope with the pressures of veterinary school. After moving to Sydney, I quickly discovered Youtopia and was instantly hooked on the intimate class sizes and upbeat instructors.

What I Teach

I teach indoor cycling at Youtopia and my goal is to create a fun and challenging dance party on a bike! I’m incredibly inspired by uplifting music and am constantly on the search for new spin tracks. The benefits of indoor cycling are limitless: It is obviously fantastic for cardiovascular fitness but it is also low-impact for those suffering from knee injuries, it is able to be tailored to all fitness levels and most importantly: it is fun! While classically spin classes have focused on the lower body, I like to incorporate weight-based and arm exercises to create a complete, full-body work out (think push ups on a bike!) This leaves clients feeling like they’ve gotten the most out of a 45 minute class. Leigh Young, a regular in my Wednesday evening class says: ”I love your class because the music is elevating, the moves are fun and I leave feeling like every muscle has been worked out.” My aim is to inspire you, motivate you, push you out of your comfort zone and to help you realize your full fitness potential.

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