Sebastien- Personal Trainer

About Me

I hail from a tiny tropical island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Reunion Island. To my mind, there’s no better place to grow up. There are many outdoor activities for kids and it’s really easy to stay active. Thanks to this, I have always been active and quickly become passionate about fitness. With a background of coaching in tennis, a strong background in weightlifting (more than 15 years) but also casually training friends to help them with their health and fitness, I naturally decided to make the move and became a personal trainer alongside my day job ( as I also work in an IT company as a senior business analyst). I joined Youtopia in 2015 and just loved it: great team, great studio and most of all, awesome clients.

Fitness Journey

I started my fitness journey at 4 with a tennis racquet in my hands and I never looked back, I have been a highly competitive player for many years and still try to play a lot. I discovered fitness with tennis as I used to have some really intense physical training sessions as part of my training and immediately loved it (except when I had to run 40 mins around a 400m track). I progressively got into it more and more as I kept training, learning about it, understanding and seeing all the beneficial effects that is has. It made me a better tennis player but not only, as it also made me a better and happier person in all aspect of my life. From my experience, I believe that everybody needs fitness in their life, a healthy life means a happier life and it helps you feel better and perform at your best every day.

What I Teach

One to one training session specifically designed to help you reach your goals, Sport specific training Injury rehab working closely with a physio's and a chiropractor's. Specific populations

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