Wes- Studio Manager

About Me

With over 7 years experience in the fitness industry Wesley is a dedicated & passionate personal trainer. Following his study at the Australian Institute of fitness, Wesley has embarked on a multifaceted career. Always keeping up with fitness trends Wesley has trained & studied with some of Sydney's best fitness professionals including Crossfit Sydney, The Clean Health Institute & The Oxford Performance Centre furthering his knowledge in high Intensity circuit training, strength and conditioning and the important relationship between exercise & nutrition. Together with private one on one training Wesley hosts a number of group training sessions at Youtopia Studio. Spin classes with Wesley are fun & energetic with a real focus on high energy intervals and lots of movement. Youtopia Functional Training with Wesley is again focused mainly on HIIT. Lots of effort with minimum rest to give you the best workout possible. Wesley is also a qualified Remedial & Sports massage therapist offering his clients the access targeted trigger point techniques to assist with muscle soreness & recovery, tightness & mobility and general aches and pains.

Fitness Journey

Wesley was a keen marathon runner for many years, notching up a number of competitive races both in Australia and the UK and training clients competing in the ironman series. Eventually hanging up his shoes in 2012 to focus on more resistance training and nutrition/food coaching.

What I Teach

Working along side our movement coach Ross Brosnan our sessions at Youtopia are specifically tailored to helping clients move to the best of their ability, though movement patterns & resistance training. Combining these sessions with individual nutrition plans we can target weight loss and muscle building to help you achieve the results you are looking for. I also teach spin and YFT (Youtopia Functional Training) in our class studio! Cert 3 & 4 - Fitness Cert 4 - Massage Therapy iPro Nutrition Level 1 & 2 Sydney

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